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About Into English

Into English offers a wide range of translation and interpreting projects into the English language. Founded in 2020, the company’s focus is on high-quality work and affordable services, ensuring that everyone has access to excellent language services at reasonable prices.

Why work with us?

Different English styles – We provide all of our services from French or Spanish into English. Projects are completed in a continent-neutral English unless British or American specific dialect is requested.

Qualified Translators – Every translation will be completed by a professional translator who is qualified in Translation and Interpreting (to Master Degree level or higher). With over 10-years of experience in the field you can be confident that you will receive the best possible service.

Competitive Pricing – We will beat any price you are quoted elsewhere. Our aim is to make high quality translation projects accessible to everyone through fair pricing.

Quick Turnaround – Each project will be completed within a time that is agreed with you in advance of starting the project. We also pride ourselves in replying to all emails within 1-2 hours during business hours and within 24 hours any other time – including weekends and bank holidays.

Full Transparency – During the project, we are available to speak to you at anytime by phone or email, and are happy to answer any questions you may have including sending samples of the project for you to see its progress in real time.

Extras – Each completed project will include additional notes to explain to you any creative decisions/adjustments that were made in order to achieve total accuracy.

Free Translations – We are happy to provide charities and NGO’s with free translations and large discounts whenever possible and have been working with many organisations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic including Grandes Amigos and Action Against Hunger.


Below are the following professional services offered by Into English.


We can provide a large range of translation services ranging from literary, scientific and medical.

Desktop Publishing

We translate your catalogues, flyers, packaging, manuals and more whilst maintaining the brand standard.


Interpreting services are currently available from Spanish into English. Available virtually and face-to-face.

English Classes

Virtual classes via online channels such as Skype or Zoom are available for students of all ages and abilities.


Avoid costly and embarrassing English errors by having your English material and machine translations thoroughly checked.

Subtitling & Dubbing

Make your audio-visual material available to a much wider audience by providing English subtitles or a voice-over to your project.

Into English 2021 Price List


“Samantha completed a translation for one of our NGO projects regarding a funding application made to a multinational company who had requested all documentation to be sent in English. We had a very small time frame to work with, but Samantha completed the proposal very quickly and the translation was perfect. Samantha explained the trickier terms she had chosen to use in some expressions to ensure complete accuracy across languages. Whats more, she completed the translation completely free of charge. Our relationship with Samantha is always very easy and natural, and we recommend her 100%.”

Daniel Castro Estefanía, executive at (COVID-19 Funding Application)

“Samantha has translated a 24-page document relating to the purchase of my house in France. The compromis included a number of statutory surveys that demanded accuracy and a good level of understanding. Samantha was able to deliver the translation well within the specified time. Her work was accurate and very well presented. I intend to use her services in the near future, and I have no hesitation in recommending Samantha and her translating skills.”

– Previous Client. (French Compromis for Property Acquisition)

“From a technical perspective, the author has achieved a generally excellent degree of synchrony and, given the medial constraints involved, has coped well with shot changes, and has consistently applied widely held conventions with regard to subtitle positioning. Internal segmentation standards have been adhered to. Centring and left-alignment of subtitles has been adequately deployed for monologic and dialogic subtitles, respectively; maximum/minimum subtitle duration standards, maximum line length restrictions and maximum character allocation recommendations have been complied with. An excellent degree of consistency between the electronic and printed subtitles has been observed. The work is of a very high standard.”

– Manchester University (Chilean dialect subtitling of a film)

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